Good Wednesday morning St. Augustine Storm.


Currently Mrs. Carroll is experiencing technical glitches with our school Twitter account.  As I await support, please keep posting to enter our #SAUGfamilyfun contest through our @staugustinewcd twitter.  This weeks theme is Kindness Counts.  You can send entries to as well to enter this weeks contest. We have great prizes to win – just ask any of our previous winners.  Once Twitter help arrives I will post all entries and share last weeks entries.

Grad Photos

Grad Photos and Sibling photos taken before the school closed, I am told, are in mail transit right now.


McMaster University and the Offord Centre for Child Studies have launched a province-wide survey to help understand what families with children are experiencing in the context of COVID-19, and what services families and caregivers may need. They will have a random draw after the survey closes in mid-June — and have secured 200 $50 gift certificates for amazon (.ca) and 5 Apple iPads as grand prize draws! Further information can be found here.  Click Ontario Parent Survey or go to to complete if you are interested.

Item Pick Up and Drop Off at School

We are currently making plans for the pick up of personal items, drop off of school items (library books, text books, etc.), the delivery of report cards and all of the other necessary items to wrap up this year and to start next year on the right foot.  As that information becomes available, we will share it with you on your child’s virtual Classrooms and Newswire. Families who have borrowed Chromebooks for distance learning will not be expected to return them in June – the exception being Grade 8 students or any other students who are leaving our school at the end of June.

Introducing SchoolMessenger Communicate to Parents

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is about to launch a new automated broadcast system that will improve communication between home and school. The system uses telephone and email to notify parents and staff of important events and emergency school information. The system we are using is called SchoolMessenger Communicate. It will be used to augment and not replace other communication methods currently in place (such as our school newsletters).

Over the course of the school year, the office will be calling using this new automated system to keep you informed about significant events at the school in a timely manner. This system can also be used to inform parents about any emergency situations that may occur. Please rest assured that your personal information and contact numbers will be strictly secure, and you will not receive any unauthorized messages.

Volunteer Appreciation

As we look ahead to the June calendar, we are truly sad that not only we will not be able to spend it with our students, we are also disappointed that we will miss some special year-end celebrations, especially our year-end volunteer appreciation social. We are so grateful to our volunteers.

Grade 8 Virtual Graduation Information

Graduation is such an important milestone in life. We understand and appreciate the special significance of this event and recognize that there are likely many questions around what plans will look like for this year’s Storm Grade 8 grads. As we live through and make history together, there is no denying that things will look different, but we are committed to commemorating the accomplishments and successes of our students while abiding by Public Health guidelines to keep us all safe. Many staff members are working hard organize something special to commemorate this very important milestone.

Year End Year Book

Our 2019-2020 Year Book is currently on sale through School Cash Online for $15.00.  This will be a year to remember for everyone!  Sales will go until the end of June and Year Books will be handed out in September. Thanks to our Catholic School Advisory Committee, all grade 8 students will receive a free one as a graduating gift.

Thank You

On behalf of staff I would like to say to the many parents out there who are working with our students each and every day…THANK YOU!  Your efforts are noticed, appreciated and valued!  We are so glad that you are helping your children, our students, in their educational journey and that you continue to do so even with the announcement of not getting to return to school this year.  The work you are doing will help them greatly in September and we are so grateful for your efforts. THANK YOU!

Remember, we still have just shy of 4 weeks left of school and we encourage you to continue engaging in your distance learning.  We want to ensure that learning can continue, so that when we are back to school, it is like we never left!  I realize it is a challenge with the current status of the school year, and the nice weather, but it is important!

Mrs. Carroll and the St. Augustine Staff