Dear Storm Community,

Well, Friday is here and there is only one more week left of school for the 2019-2020 year!         

I wanted to express some words of thanks with you tonight so that you too can show your appreciation for the many people who typically keep our school running smoothly and your children safe. These people were involved in your child’s education this year and typically we would celebrate them and personally say thank you if our school was still open.

To our Bus Drivers:  St. Augustine has four big buses, one mini bus and one van bus transport our students everyday.  We would like to say THANK YOU  for getting our students to us, and home safely every day.  Without you, our students could not get to us and our days would not be as fulfilled without them. 

To our Crossing Guards: We have some busy roads around us at the start and end of the day and we are so thankful for your help.  The safety that you provide for our students and parents is immeasurable and much appreciated.  THANK YOU!

To our Strong Start Volunteers:  Reading is a fundamental skill for all of us and we are so appreciative of the hours you spend with our littlest students, practicing their reading skills and other fundamentals.  Our students are successful because of your help.  Thank You!

To our Volunteers: So many rich experiences are provided to the students of St. Augustine School.  These could not happen without the support and time of our many volunteers.  Driving our students to sports, helping to supervise on class trips, being in the school to help in the library, the classrooms, and all corners of our school are all efforts that so many of you make and we are so thankful.  THANK YOU!

Whether you have helped our students one time, a few times throughout the  year or every day, we are THANKFUL for you.  Without you our students wouldn’t have as many wonderful experiences to draw upon.

Have a fantastic weekend Storm Community!