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St. Augustine CES Parent Letter regarding Playground Success Forms

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The benefits of outdoor free play include improved mental health, physical health and cognitive health. When engaged in free play children use higher levels of sequencing, planning and organizing. Recess is an opportunity for students to make decisions and problem solve independently.

Please know that staff are on the school yard to assist students to solve problems as required. All staff provide supervision at some point or another. It is expected that students interact in a respectful manner with all staff.

To be successful on the school yard, students are required to:

  • play safely,
  • be respectful to other,
  • be respectful of school property and resources,
  • follow school safety rules,
  • follow staff directions,
  • use appropriate language, and
  • be accountable for his/her actions.

Please know that if a Playground Success Form is sent home, it is intended to communicate that your child required extra support on the yard to reach a peaceful resolution. We view this as a learning opportunity for your child and believe that mistakes lead to learning when making future decisions as conflict arises.

If you receive a Play Ground Success Form, we hope it will foster the home-school connection that will lead to a conversation at home with your child to support his/her learning while on the yard. This will allow for all students to enjoy their recess in a safe and respectful manner.

Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs. TL Geisel


St. Augustine CES

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