Principal’s Message

Happy 2019 to all our St. Augustine families! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break with your family and that you managed to stay warm! We are so excited to get back to school, back to work and back to learning!

As I reflect on the 2018 year, I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of the St. Augustine community. I have seen time and time again, the generosity and caring nature of our entire community through our Terry Fox Run, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Guatemala School Supplies, Angel Tree Drive, our Big Box of Cards Fundraiser, our Book Fair and so much more. I am looking forward to a great 2019 year as the St. Augustine Storm continue to leave their mark!

I wish you a very peaceful and prosperous 2019 and look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Go St. Augustine Storm!



JK/SK Registration for September 2019

New JK/SK students can be registered for the coming school year beginning in February. Please contact the school to book an appointment after you have completed the on-line registration process on the Waterloo Catholic District School Board website, found under the heading:  ‘Register’ . Appointments will be booked for the week of Feb. 4th to 8th. Evening appointments will be available on Feb.6th. New registrations are not considered complete until all documentation is provided. Please be prepared to bring the following to your appointment:  your child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate ( or if not yet baptized, please provide a baptismal certificate of the Catholic parent), and one piece of mail that shows your current address. Since St. Augustine CES is a capped school, new students must live within the St. Augustine boundaries in order to be eligible to enroll. New JK students entering school in Sept. 2019 will have been born in 2015, new SK students born in 2014, who have not attended school can register then as well.

 How do you encourage a Growth Mindset?

There is a myth out there.  Many believe that being good at math or art is a ‘gift’ that you are either born with or not.  The truth is that is not the case.  Carol Dweck explains that people with a growth mindset believe that their abilities grow with experience and effort, whereas people with a fixed mindset believe they are born with a certain amount of intelligence and it really can’t change.

Here are a few tips that can help your child enjoy learning more, and likely be more successful!

Celebrate Mistakes:  By celebrating mistakes we are turning them into learning opportunities.  The more children learn to accept their mistakes, the less fear there is in making them, and the more learning can happen.  While your child is working, ask: ‘that’s interesting, where did you get that answer?’, ‘How did you do that?’ ‘Why did you do that?’, or ‘I wonder if there is another way to do this?’

Compliment Effort, NOT Intelligence:  As parents, we can’t help but say how amazing and smart our children are.  But if kids are made to feel their success is based upon their intelligence, when they fail (and they will fail!) then they will feel they are not smart enough to meet a new challenge.  Praise your child’s efforts and perseverance to succeed.

Encourage a Challenge:  Children with a fixed mindset will not challenge themselves out of fear of making mistakes, but it has been proven that mistakes is where new learning happens.  Children with a growth mindset don’t fear challenges as they know mistakes are inevitable and are required to succeed.  Plus the success is much more satisfying.  Teach your child to seek out challenges and be a good example by trying challenges of your own.

The Power of “Yet”:  Sometimes it is so easy to say ‘I don’t know that!’ While that may be a hard habit to break, trying adding one word to that statement…’I don’t know that….YET!’

This could be the very first step to developing a growth mindset.


 Extra Clothes Reminder

We would like to ask that ALL students have a change of clothes at school if at all possible.  With  the cold, damp weather, students often end up wet after a recess period and many have no extra clothes with them.  Remind your child to dress for the unpredictable weather.  Layers are always good because you child can put on or take off layers as needed. Please help us to keep your students in class, healthy and learning comfortably by having them pack a change of clothes in their bags.

Friday January 25th is a PD Day

There will be no school on Friday January 25th., due to a PD Day.

Arrival and Attendance at School

This school year we have experienced a higher than normal number of students arriving late, frequently.  We certainly understand that morning appointments are necessary in many situations and that illness this time of year is rampant.  We do ask however, that all families try to ensure that their students are arriving to school before the 8:45 a.m. bell as often as possible.  When your child arrives late to class, they often miss the opportunity to say hello to peers and begin their day smoothly.  A late student walks into a classroom where everyone else is already working/busy or listening to the teacher who has begun a lesson.  They must try to quietly get their desk together and catch up with what they have missed.  Even those who arrive right after O Canada and prayers have to walk into a classroom that has already begun it’s day.  We sincerely thank you all for helping us, and your child out by getting them to school on time regularly.

This is also a reminder that if your child has an appointment, or is going to be missing the day at school, we do require you to call and inform the office.  The answering machine is on 24 hours a day so you can call at any time and leave a message.

Important Dates in January

Mon. Jan 7th-Welcome Back everyone!!

Friday Jan 11th and Friday Jan 18th are Hot Dog Friday’s.  Due to the PD Day on the 25th-hot dogs ordered for that day will be delivered on the 18th instead.

Friday Jan. 25th-PD Day, no school!

Report Cards come home on February 14th.

As we head into the end of Term1 and report card/communication of learning is coming home soon, here are a few deliberate questions to assist you as parents to engage in your child’s learning:

  1. What did you learn today?
  2. How did you do?  How did it go?
  3. What did you do if you did not understand?
  4. How can you improve on your learning?
  5. What are you most proud of?
  6. How are you doing?
  7. How do you know?
  8. Where do you go for help?

Using these questions creates opportunities for informative conversations with your children.  These questions support the learning happening at school.

St. Augustine CES 2018-2019 Yearbook and Advertising

The 2018-2019 St. Augustine school year promises to continue to be an eventful one. To help you capture the memories, friendships and special times, we are once again putting together a 50+ page school yearbook including, class photos, school teams, clubs, special events, faith celebrations and candid shots. Our centerfold will once again feature the entire student body.
We would also like to invite you, or anyone you may know, to advertise in our yearbook. We have 3 options available. Simply include a current business card with your order or preferably send it to us in .jpeg format to and we will include it in our sponsorship section of the yearbook in full colour.
Potential Target audience 450 households or more
A free yearbook will be provided with each advertisement.
Prices are as follows:
• Business card size $50.00
• Double business card size $75.00
• Half a page for $250.00
Thank you for supporting our school.

Payment for Yearbook Advertising is available on School Cash On Line-check it out there!!


January 2019 Fitbit – SMART Goals in the New Year

 The New Year is often a time of reflection and many people think about their health. Setting SMART goals is a great way to help you make changes individually or together as a family.

SMART goals are:

Specific: A general goal such as “eating healthier” can mean something very different from one person to the next. Focusing your goal can be helpful; for example your focus may be “eating more vegetables and fruit.”

Measurable: Set goals that allow you to track your progress. It would be difficult to measure “eating healthier,” but something like “include a vegetable or fruit with each meal and snack” is easier to monitor.

Action-oriented: Focus your goals on the actions you will take to be successful. If lunchtime has been a challenge, the action may be “include a side salad or raw vegetable sticks at lunch and pack a fruit for snack.”

Realistic: Building healthy habits takes time and practice. Choose goals that are manageable. When you have achieved that goal, you can set a new one! Consider possible challenges that may get in the way and be prepared with strategies to overcome them.

Time-based: Including a timeline in your goal will help you stay on track and motivated to keep moving forward! For example, try “including a vegetable or fruit at each meal and snack for a week,” then take the time to check-in and assess how it is going.

Other family-friendly healthy eating SMART goal examples:

  1. Replace your household white bread with whole grain bread for a week.
  2. Include legumes in meals on “Meatless Mondays” for one month.
  3. Plan and prepare one new recipe as a family each week for one month.

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