Principals Message

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Brrr – has it been cold outside! Better weather is predicted for the start of February so let’s hope it lasts so the children can get outside for some much needed play time. The drastic change in temperature reminds us that winter in Southwestern Ontario can be quite unpredictable. Consequently, it is important for all of our students to dress so that they will be prepared for whatever the weather may be. Please remind or check to see that your child has a pair of mittens and a hat each day. Students should also have a pair of outdoor boots, as well as a pair of indoor shoes so that we can avoid tracking snow, mud or water throughout the school.

In a few weeks, on February 14th, Term One report cards will be sent home for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight. Please remember to send back the cut off portion of the report signed by the parent and/or guardian, as well as the report card envelope. Student, Teacher and Parent conferences will not be scheduled for the entire school at this time. However, if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher about the Term One Report Card, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a conference at a mutually convenient time.

A reminder to all parents that our next Catholic School Council meeting is on Tuesday, February 5, at 6:30 pm. Please feel welcome to join us in the library.

As many of you are aware we have procedures for dropping off and picking up students in front of St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School. The reason for these processes is that due to high volumes of traffic we need to ensure the safety of our students at dismissal times. Parents are reminded not to use the school parking lot, allowing sufficient room for our buses to enter and exit safely. Thank you for your cooperation and to the many families who have been regularly committed to using one of the side streets or having their children walk to school. Your efforts are to be commended as we attempt to eliminate all student drop-off and pick up from our parking lot.

Family Day takes place in the month of February. Our hope is that you are able to enjoy some quality time with your child(ren) as they are the most precious gift of all. It is such a joy to teach and learn along side your child(ren) and the staff of St. Augustine truly feel blessed to be apart of their lives and part of the St. Augustine Community. There is no better place to work!

God Bless,

Angela Carroll


A Family Day Prayer…


Important Dates in February

Feb. 2nd. is Ground Hog Day!  Let’s hope the ground hog doesn’t see his/her shadow!!

Feb. 6th. is ELKP registration evening.  Please contact the school in advance to set up an appointment.

Feb. 8th.-Grade 7 Meningococcal Clinic

Feb. 11th.-student voting on Year Book covers

Feb. 14th. is Valentines Day!  That means it is wear red/white/pink day AND, it’s Cupcake Day AND it’s Report Card Day!!!

Feb. 18th.  We wish everyone a fun filled Family Day!  No School today!!

Feb. 27th.   Pink shirt day and 6:30 p.m. Grade 2 First Reconciliation

Feb. 28th. Skill Canada Challenge for grades 7 and 8.

Nut Reminder

As most parents are aware, we have many children here at St. Augustine who have extreme allergies to nuts/tree nuts/nut products.  We would like to remind everyone that there should never be nuts, nut products, or products that ‘may contain’ nuts sent to school.  For some of our students, it only takes the slightest contact with the nut/nut product to start an anaphylactic reaction.  For others, touching something after someone who had nuts  has touched it, is enough for them to experience a severe reaction.  For these reasons, we respectfully ask that if your child has eaten any nut product at home before school, please have them thoroughly wash their hands before leaving home.  Please read labels on the products you send to school for your child to eat.  Some may have been produced in facilities where they may have come into contact with nuts.  Please help us to keep all of our students safe by reading labels and choosing alternate products for your child to have at school.

School Resource Officer

From time to time, parents have asked about seeing a police car here at the school. All schools in our region have an assigned SRO (School Resource Officer) who comes into the school to say hello, meet the staff and students and have conversations in classrooms about relevant issues for their age groups. We are fortunate to welcome Constable Geoff Fearon as our newest SRO. Students learn a great deal during his visits as well as making a valuable connection in a positive way to our uniformed officers. We also have several parents within our school community who are police officers and they will stop in from time to time to talk to their child’s class and say Hi to their own children while they are here. We welcome all of our uniformed officers and other first responders into the school whenever they arrive, so don’t be alarmed if you see them-say Hi and know that they are a part of our St. Augustine School Family.

Registration for 2019 Kindergarten students born in 2015

If you have not already registered your child born in 2014 (SK, and did not attend school this current year), or 2015 (JK for Sept. 2019), please go on-line on the Waterloo Catholic District School Board website and click the ‘Register’ link to get your child registered for school.  After completing the on-line registration, please contact the office as soon as possible to set up an appointment to finish the registration process.  Registering now will ensure that you get the invitation to Kindergarten Parent Information Evening to be held in the coming months. We look forward to welcoming our newest St Augustine CES Storm students to our community!

Strong Start Literacy Program for students

Thank you to Mrs. Cardoso, Mrs. Dilley, Mrs. Rutherford and Mrs. Souto for helping deliver the Strong Start Program to a select group of Grade One/Two students in the fall of 2018.  We look forward to having our volunteers back to support the Early Years learners in spring 2019.  Additional volunteers are always welcome! For more information about this great opportunity, please visit  Ms. Cabral is St. Augustine Site Coordinator.

St. Augustine School Council are seeking Lego and board games for our classrooms during those rainy\snowy days.

Do your feet need a break from the ever present lego on the floor? Is your “games cupboard” at home bursting? Do your kids not play with it anymore? We have the perfect solution…clean house and bring it to St. Augustine School.  We are collecting Lego of all shapes and sizes, gently-used games, puzzles, books, decks of cards, dice and craft supplies to boost the indoor recess supply in classrooms.  We are always seeking new ideas to occupying students during rainy/snowy days or to perhaps reward students at the end of a particularly productive day.

Please send your collections in with your child before Feb.28th  Happy cleaning!

Safe Schools – Winter Days

Winter has arrived and winter safety is an important consideration. Children should come to school dressed appropriately for the outside each day. Even in extreme cold when they might be kept inside, there is always the consideration of coming to and from school as well as the risk of an emergency procedure where we have to evacuate the building. During periods of severe weather, your best sources of information about possible school closing and/or school bus cancellation is the School Board Website or a local radio station.

Bus Cancellation Days

If your child rides the bus, please know that you do not need to call the school to inform us that your child will not be at school if they are staying home on a bus cancellation day.  If school buses are cancelled and you choose to drive your children to school, please be sure to have picked up plans in place as buses will not run at all on a day when they have been cancelled in the morning.

If however, your child is not a bus student, and you decide to keep them home on a bus cancellation day, we do expect you to contact the school to let us know that your child is safe and sound at home with you.

We really appreciate your help with this.


Hot Lunches on Bus Cancellation days

If buses are cancelled on a hot lunch day, we will still have a hot lunch delivered to the school.  Since a large portion of our school population is not bussed, we want to ensure that all children present at school have their lunch as expected.  Lunches for those students who are not at school due to the bus cancellation will be put in the fridge and provided to the students the next day.  Please note that we cannot heat lunches for students, so if lunch is something that your child will/should not eat cold, we will send the lunch home with them.  In that case, please send a lunch with your child the day following the bus cancellation.  Hot lunches will only be saved in the school fridge for one day following the bus cancellation.


What is resiliency? Resilience is:

  • The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens
  • Responding and adapting to adversity in healthy ways
  • Bouncing back from hardship as a stronger, more resourceful person
  • The ability to keep going in the face of challenges
  • Dealing with disruptive life events in a way that provides us with additional coping skills that we didn’t have prior to the event
  • Adapting well to change and new situations

Why do some people get knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever? It’s their resilience. Over time everyone will face a range of obstacles and difficulties; it’s part of life. Resilience allows us to adapt or even feel stronger and happier after these times. It helps us to feel less like the victim of our own story and more like the hero.  When it comes to resilience, practicing helps. Teachers at St. Augustine School try their best to encourage students to be resilient here at school. When a student receives an unwanted mark for an assignment, it is important for him/her to not give up and to instead rise up to the challenge and learn how to change the outcome. When students face challenges with their peers, helping them respond in a safe and healthy way will ensure the situation gets resolved positively and strengthens their relationships.

Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy Day is a national initiative that promotes the importance of reading, learning together as a family and community. On Sunday, January 27th, join with communities and families across Canada to celebrate this special day. We invite parents to pick up a book or surf a web page and model your literacy skills. For more information on Family Literacy Day 2019, please visit the official website: Family Literacy Day.

Bring Your Own Device and Purchase Program

Partnership with STAPLES Canada for Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbook.

WCDSB has made significant investments to ensure our students and staff have access to a variety of current technology.  The use of technology to support learning remains a key priority to ensure that students are equipped with the skills to flourish in an increasingly digital world.  Chromebooks and Windows 10 Cloudbooks have proven to a versatile, reliable, and affordable digital tool in the classroom.

As students have engaged more with the technology that is available in their classrooms, some families have expressed interest in purchasing a device for their child to use at school and at home.  Parents have reached out, seeking advice about which technology would best support their child’s learning, is reasonably priced, yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it’s transported back and forth to school each day.  More information can be found on the BYOD information page on the school board website.  BODY Information  If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, you need to download and print out this document and take it to your nearest Staples store.  http://BODY form.