St. Augustine CES students are proud to present their 2018 Christmas Concert to their families tomorrow afternoon.  They have been practicing for the last few weeks or more and everyone is excited!

We hope to see many of our families at this fun event.

We do have a few reminders to help the event go smoothly.


Families will enter the gym through the side entrance of the school, near the gym. There will be no entering through the front doors of the school.  Doors will be unlocked at 12 noon.  The doors leading into the school will be locked.  Washrooms are available for those who need them, in the change room areas off of the gym.


Benches will be set up along the front of the gym, right in front of the stage area. Between performances, parents who have a student on stage next are welcome to leave their seats and come sit on the benches up front.  We remind all families that there are children within our student population who do not wish to be photographed or video taped.  We kindly ask that any photos or video’s that you take NOT be shared on any social media sites, please keep them for personal viewing only.


Parking is available along side streets near the school.  Families are reminded that there is no parking on the school side of the road on Bismark Drive, and we ask that all families watch for and obey the no parking signs along the streets to avoid parking tickets or other issues.  There is NO PARKING in the school lot.  Staff spaces are limited, so there is no additional parking in that area. If you require handicapped access to the school, you may drop individuals off near the gym doors, then exit the parking lot to obtain parking for your vehicle.

After the Concert

If you are taking your child home with you after the concert, please put a note in your child’s agenda so they are prepared for them to leave with you.  After the concert is over, the doors to the school will be opened and parents can visit the Bookfair in the library.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact the office, or your child’s teacher.

We look forward to seeing you there!