We continue to collect items for our school Angel Tree.  Classes have been assigned a gender and an age this year (no sizes).  If you would like to contribute to our Angel Tree, we recommend donating toys, books, board games hats or mitts. Gift cards to children stores (ex., Children’s Place, Carters or Old Navy) would also be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your continued generosity to those in our community who are in need. The following is the breakdown of Angel children for each class: 

Amador/Denison (Girl age 4) 

Morris/Gibbs/Sauder (Boy age 5) 

Leckie/Bradnam/Joaquin (Boy age 6) 

Patterson (Girl age 6) 

Bacon (Boy age 6) 

Cabral (Boy age 7) 

Maloney (Boy age 7) 

Muio (Girl age 8) 

Bannister (Girl age 8) 

Racco (Girl age 9) 

Mascarenhas (Girl age 9) 

Hummel (Boy age 10) 

Gouett (Girl age 10) 

Godina (Girl age 11) 

Murray (Boy age 11) 

Ingram (Girl age 12) 

Thorne (Girl age 11) 

Brunskill (Girl age 13) 

Lamanna (Boy age 13)