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September Newsletter 2017

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September Newsletter 2017

From the Principal’s Desk…

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School for the 2017– 2018 school year. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer and that the students are excited about their return.

Whether your child is returning to St. Augustine CES or attending for the first time, we are excited that you will be part of the St. Augustine CES community. Our goal is to create a Christ-centred, positive, encouraging and stimulating learning environment for our students so that each child will have the opportunity to learn, experience and grow to his or her potential.

We believe that to achieve the most fulfilling and rewarding education for your child, we must work together as a team. Children’s attitudes, values, and self-concepts are molded at home and at school; therefore, a positive and mutually supportive home/school partnership is essential to encourage learning, skill development, self-discipline, responsibility, respect for self, others and the environment, appropriate values and a sense of self-worth. We look forward to your continued support throughout the year.

Please take note of school website will be an important source of information.  Please be sure to visit regularly.  More information can be found in the front section of the student agenda. School wide important dates will now be found on the website calendar.  Please take careful note of the dates listed and add them to your calendar.

A warm welcome is extended to our new staff members:

Dan Tubbe (LTO Gr 2), Rhonda Maloney (Gr 3), Justyna Knopinka (Gr 4), Justin Carvalho (LTO Gr 4/5), Felisha Almeida (LTO Gr 5), Katrina Gouett (Gr 5), Bill Hopf (0.5 CYCW), Erika Ingram (Gr 8), Kevin Hewitt, (0.5 Special Education), Lena Camilo (Planning Time), and Catherine Wakeford O’Brien (Itinerant Music).

A complete list of all staff can found on our school website.  If you have not already done so please sign up to receive our newswire for communciation regarding school event. While on the school website please also sign up for School Cash OnLine to reduce cash coming to school and sign all permission forms.  As well, you may follow us on twitter @staugustinewcd for updates on school events. Please call the school office if you require assistance, we are happy to help you get signed up to stay connected to our St. Augustine CES community.

Looking forward to an awesome school year ahead.

Yours truly,

Terri-Lynn Geisel


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School Agendas

Each child from grade 1 to 8 will receive an agenda.  In the agenda, our school rules are outlined and explained.  Please make sure that you read this information with your child, and sign the last page. These agendas are important learning tools for your son/daughter, and serve as a means of communication between you and your child’s teacher.  Please check them regularly with your child(ren).  Over the next couple of days teachers will also provide guidelines for their use in the classroom.

The cost of the agendas this year has been covered by Catholic School Council funds raised last year.  Thank you for your support of this endeavor.


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Safe Arrival/Departure Program: Attendance Check Procedure

Parents and Guardians are responsible for notifying the school of any late arrivals or absences incurred by their children.  We ask that an adult call the school directly or leave a message notifying us of the child’s absence.  Please do not have your child place the call.  Our school answering machine is in service from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. to record your calls. Please state your child’s name, grade, room number, their teacher’s name and reason for the absence.  If your child will be late, please leave the reason and the expected time of arrival.  If a parent fails to communicate an absence, the school will make every effort to contact the parent in a timely fashion to request a reason for the absence.  If no one can be reached, police may be notified.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to inform the school of names and current telephone numbers, in order of priority of parents, guardians, caregivers or other individuals to be notified in case of an unexplained pupil absence.

When picking up or returning children for a variety of reasons during the school day, we are requesting that parents check in at the office and enter appropriate information in our Sign In/Sign Out Binder.  Children must have a note from their parents if they are to leave the school at times other than the regular dismissal time.

In the case of picking up your child, you are not to go to their classrooms.  Contact will be made from the office to the class for your child to meet you in the foyer.  All adults granted permission and access to our school hallways must display visible identification or passes screened at the office.

In a situation, where the child misses their bus after school, the child is to report to the office where alternate arrangements will be made for their passage home.  We encourage all parents and caregivers to be consistent with these procedures in order to provide the best means of ensuring their child’s safety to and from school.  We need to be aware of all individuals entering our building in order to ensure a safe and secure school.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Late Policy

Students are expected to enter the school with their classmates when the bell rings in the morning and after lunch. If a student enters the school using the front doors they are late, and should proceed to the office to sign in and get a late slip.


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Students Transported To/From School by Bus:

As we begin the school year, we would like to remind all students eligible for bus transportation to/from school and their parents of the following:

  • When traveling to school, students should be at their designated pick-up location five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the school bus.
  • The student and her/his parents should develop a contingency plan should the child miss the school bus when traveling to school (e.g. return home; walk to a neighbour’s home; walk to school, etc.)
  • When departing school, should any student miss her/his bus, that child should immediately go to the school office for assistance.  She/he should not walk home.
  • If a student will not be taking the bus, parents are asked to write a note in their child’s agenda.
  • Only students eligible to ride a school bus will be allowed to do so when riding to/from school.  Those who are not eligible to ride a bus will not be permitted to do so.  If a child is not eligible and she/he wishes to visit the home of a classmate, it will be the responsibility of her/his parent to make alternate transportation arrangements.
  • Transported students will only be allowed to ride their designated bus to/from school.  A pupil will not be permitted to ride another bus for which they are not eligible.
  • There will be an assembly for students eligible for bus transportation early in the school year.  At the assembly, procedures and expectations will be reviewed.


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 Illness and Medication at School
 If your child is required to receive ANY form of medication during school hours, either over the counter (i.e. Tylenol) or prescription, the school is required to have on file your signed consent. It is also necessary that the medication be in the original prescription bottle or packaging.

Please contact the office (519-740–3530) if you will require an “Administration of Oral Medication” form for your child/children.

All medication must be kept in the school office and administered by one of our staff.

We are not able to accept a verbal request to administer any form of medication.

Please note also, that all children are expected to enjoy outdoor recess when at school. We ask that you be aware of this policy when sending your children to school if they are still recovering from an illness.



Direct contact with the appropriate staff member is the proper approach for addressing a concern.  Being respectful to one another allows for successful problem solving and conflict resolution. At St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School, we encourage the use of kind, Christian behaviour when addressing concerns with students and adults.  In most cases, getting the facts or the other half of the story usually provides a different perspective and helps solve many problems.  Should you feel that your concerns have not been satisfactorily addressed, you may wish to request a conference with the staff member and the principal.

  • Image result for image of no peanutsHealth Alert: No Nuts Here!

Some students experience severe reactions to “nut” and other related products.   Anaphylaxis refers to a condition that results in difficulty breathing and shock.  These reactions are potentially fatal; often emergency procedures including the use of an Epi-pen are required.  We need to protect these students from any contact with peanuts etc.   Please do not send “nut” products or substitutes to school with your child (i.e. peanut butter cookies, sandwiches, etc.).   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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Catholic School Council 

Would you like to be a parent representative on the Catholic School Council?  Would you like to join a team of dedicated parents/guardians and staff committed to improving the learning of the children at St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School?

School Council plays a very important role at St. Augustine CES.  Catholic School Councils were created to enhance students’ learning through the cooperative efforts of parents, students, staff members and others in the community. Your Catholic School Council is an advisory body of volunteers who work together to provide ideas and opinions to help the principal, and sometimes the School Board. The Catholic School Council provides a forum for discussing educational issues and fundraising for the school needs. Members of the Catholic School Council are committed to working with the community to provide the best for our children.  


Meetings will be held in the school library.  The first meeting is on Tuesday, October 3, at 6:30 pm in the school Library.

Should you have any questions about the commitment/responsibilities of Catholic School Council, please feel free to call Mrs. TL Geisel .  Thanks for considering.




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