Dear Parents,

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school and you are invited to come and share in this celebration of literacy with us!

Now more than ever, reading is vital to leading a better life. Knowing how to read is just the beginning. Motivating young people to keep reading, comprehend what they read and develop the ability to think creatively are the end goals.

Scholastic Book Fairs has the books to motivate more reading. With your involvement, we can inspire children to practice reading and read more often. Together, we can make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.

This year we will be using cash online, visa, prepaid visa’s and debit only. You can purchase cash online in amounts of $5:00, $10.00, $20.00

Student’s will bring home a preview list of the items they wish to purchase, you would decide which books you would like. Last step is to go onto cash online and select the value your child item’s will be. If for example your child’s item is $ 9.50 and you selected $10.00, they can pick a bookmark or pencil for the left-over value.


Family Event Evening on Dec 4, 2019 Enter into our draw to win $25.00 worth of books.

Thanks for supporting St. Augustine Library.


Mechelle O’Hagan

Book Fair Chairperson


Date: Dec 2 – Dec 9, 2019

Book Fair hours: 8:00 to 4:00

Family Event from Dec 4 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm