After 17 years as a custodian with the WCDSB, Mr. Brian Blackmore has decided to hang up his mop for good and retire!  Mr. Blackmores years of dedication to St. Augustine School and making it a better, cleaner environment for us to learn in will be greatly missed.  Custodians are the quiet heroes of the school – they are always the first to arrive each day, clean up the messes that no one else dares to touch and befriend everyone who enters the school. There is only one Mr. Blackmore! God Bless. 

  • No more sticky juice spills, no more improv fire drills,
  • No more toilet overflows, no more rooftop item throws,
  • No more classroom garbage pickups, and No more messy sinks cleanups,
    No more urgent teacher calls, No more shoveling in snow scrawls
  • For Mr. Blackmore – Schools out forever!
  • Congratulations and enjoy retirement!