Happy Monday St. Augustine Storm Community.

We have a lot happening on this first week of May.

The Umbrella Project - YouTube

We are moving on to our new Umbrella Skill.  The Umbrella Project Skill for May is Integrity. Here is some information from Dr. Jen at the Umbrella Project.

This month at the Umbrella Project we are excited to be focusing our energy on Integrity. Integrity is when we have a set of positive values and our actions in life match that set of positive values. If you look up integrity in the dictionary, it also means ‘wholeness’, when the things that we say and do match up with what we value.

Having integrity means that we can feel good about our choices all throughout life. It helps to bring the other Umbrella Skills together as well. Here’s a short introductory video from Dr. Jen about Integrity.

Find models of integrity.

Examples of integrity are everywhere so when you notice them in books, movies and stories be sure to talk about it with your kids. Look for examples of integrity in the people your children already admire and discuss them. Make integrity something that has value in and of itself. For example, there is value in not cheating on a test even though your friends did and got a better mark because of it. It’s choices like that that can make integrity difficult to use and it’s important that children see those they admire making these difficult decisions. Making choices with integrity is not always the easiest choice and our kids need lots of examples of integrity to understand why it is the better choice.

Many studies have shown that humans learn through modeling others. One great way to build integrity in your child is to help them find positive role models who help them believe that it is possible to succeed without compromising our values. Having positive role models helps our children learn strategies for achieving their goals, decide what is socially acceptable and make a difference in the world. That’s why the Umbrella Project is filled with stories and examples of people using all of the Umbrella Skills to take on life.

Learn from Dr. Jen why modelling is so important in this 2 minutes video. 

Ask yourself if you’re acting with integrity


This week is also Mental Health Week.  We will embed our wellbeing learning into our day along with our Catholic Education Week prayers and activities.  Please visit the Canadian Mental Health Website or our WCDSB Website (WCDSB Mental Health and Well Being/) for great links and resources.  Thanks for looking out for each other!

May PartipACTION

There are more FREE family events coming up in May, from Virtual visits with the KPL to Paint Nights to Finding Your Way Back to Being Positive with Nancy Revie.

Sign up here – https://forms.office.com/r/PHPy94F1dj




Today is the first day of Catholic Education Week. The theme for Catholic Education Week is “Nurturing Hope”. 

Here is a short video from Bishop Crosby introducing Catholic Education Week:  Catholic Education Week 2021: Nurturing Hope – YouTube

Here is our theme song for Catholic Education week this year Nurturing Hope OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO Catholic Education Week Theme Song 2021

A Message from Bishop Crosby about Nurturing Hope   Click Here

Other Resources can be found here: https://www.wcdsb.ca/nurturing-hope/

This site will be continually updated to reflect the daily theme of Hope with resources provided for elementary, secondary, and staff. Please look for information from your classroom teacher as well, as they will be posting activities and messages. We will be using the hashtag #WCDSBNurturingHope for Catholic Education Week.


Have a wonderful first week of May.