Halloween is just around the corner!           

All students are invited to dress up in costumes for Halloween on Friday, October 30th, at school.  While we want students to have fun, please be mindful that students need to still wear their COVID masks and are not to wear any other type of mask. This was clearly communicated by the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario on Monday, October 19th.   If your child is not comfortable wearing a costume they are welcome to wear black and orange for the day to join in the festive nature of Halloween.

Your child will be attending class, participating in physical education, going outside for recess breaks, and eating their snacks / lunch in their costume – they need to be able to move comfortably.

  • All costumes should be school aged appropriate.
  • Do not send any props (e.g. pitch forks, brooms, shovels, wands, etc.)
  • No fake blood, fake wounds, or scary/ gory costumes will be allowed.

COVID additions to Halloween at school

Unfortunately, there will be no sharing of treats this year by the students. This includes candy, prepackaged treats, stickers, pencils, etc. We know that times are challenging for students right now. However, thanks to the efforts we have all made to this point, school continues to be a positive and safe space for all members of our community. Let’s continue to do the right thing even when it isn’t the popular or preferred thing.

We will also be having some extra fun leading up to Halloween.  Please see the following poster for the daily challenges!  (Please note that Monday’s mask challenge is in regards to COVID masks).

Halloween Week Fun

Remember to please complete the School Screening Survey from the Ministry of Public Health. This is to be done each morning with every person coming to school – staff, and students.  At the end of the survey, depending on how you complete it, it will show a green checkmark and tell you to go to school, or a red “X” and let you know that you should not be attending given the reported symptoms.   This is the SAME SURVEY that we will do with your child if they report “not feeling well” to our staff.  If the results of the survey state that they can not attend school, we will be calling you to come and pick them up to seek the advice of a Health Care Professional (i.e., a doctor or nurse practitioner), and to follow their advice.  If your child has siblings in the school, they will be required to “self-monitor” for symptoms – they no longer have to leave the school as well.  This represents a change in direction from Public Health.

Stay Safe St. Augustine Storm!