What a year it has been.  There is no doubt that we will remember this year throughout our lifetime.  We would have never anticipated this ending to our school year.  On what level did we expect a global pandemic would interrupt our learning, our goodbyes and of course our grade eight graduation.

Congratulations to our Grade 8 students.  They have been a positive group of students who have made many valuable contributions to our school community.  We wish them well in all their future endeavours at High School.  Our graduates have been notified by their teachers about our graduation plans and the graduation video which will be forwarded to them on June 25th after all graduates have been presented their diploma.  Graduation pictures will be in their grad bags they receive with their diploma.  Unfortunately, graduation composite pictures will not be available until the fall so students will have to come back to St. Augustine School to pick them up once they have been notified of the composites arrival.

Again, congratulations to our Grade 8 Class of 2020!