Mayor Berry Vrbanovic has offered to host a live chat session with our Grade 5 Students.  He will begin with a presentation on Municipal and Regional Government, the relationship to Provincial and Federal Government, and the role of Mayor.  He will also explore and take questions on the current COVID-19 crisis.  We think this will be an exciting and fun learning opportunity for all of our grade 5 students.  

We will host this as a Microsoft Teams Live Event.  Students will be able to ask questions in the chat box – they will not be able to talk to Berry live however.  He will see and respond to their questions.  We encourage you to let your students know about this opportunity and to perhaps encourage a few to have some questions ready for our #WCDSBAwesome Mayor!​

LIVE Chat with Mayor Berry Vrbanovic:  Friday May 1st 1 – 2 p.m.


Please see attachment below for instructions on how to access the live event using Microsoft Teams:​

How to Access Live Chat with Mayor Berry Vrbanovic