This year we are going to bring out our St. Augustine artistic talent during Earth week (in April) and create some murals by up-cycling our garbage and recycling. We all need to to take a closer look at our recycling and think about how we can reuse them in different ways!

School Murals

We are going to collect all lids, big or small at school! Please wash and send in any lid you are not using! The more colours we can get the better!

Student Mural/Sculpture Contest

Start thinking!! During Earth week this year we will be having an Art contest! Students are asked to bring in their own Art creations using up-cycled materials in April! 

Please collect your own materials and start thinking of ideas for your own personal art you can make with recyclables and garbage! You be as creative as you would like! Murals, sculptures, etc.!

We will also be collecting dried out markers to send to Crayola to be recycled!

Thank you from our Eco team!