Good afternoon St. Augustine Community!

Students and staff have had a terrific pivot to remote learning!  Thank you to our partners in education  – our parents who continue to show flexibility and patience as you juggle home and work responsibilities along with school.  We will continue to walk this journey together and show kindness and compassion as we again venture into a different mode of learning.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and we are excited to be running a little challenge/contest for our St. Augustine families.







Here are some things YOU can do!

1) Sign up for the ‘Bring back the bees’ campaign by Cheerios and plant some flowers!:

2) Plant a seedling: If you post a picture of how you are helping the Earth at  you win your very own seedling to plant!!

Please email us and show us how you are reusing items or your own innovative ideas to help our Earth by sending a picture to and you WIN a seedling to plant in your own backyard!!!

3) Pick up garbage! Don’t litter!

4) Use a reusable straw and a bamboo toothbrush!

5) Turn off the water!

6) Turn out the lights!

7) Reuse items, don’t throw it in the garbage!

8) Use reusable plastic bags!

9) Eat less meat and seafood!

10) Use less glitter! 

Thanks in advance for your help to make our world a better place.