Good morning Storm Community!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the Grade 7 and some of our Grade 8  students who made the choice to accept the call of God and become confirmed members of the Catholic Community.  On Thursday evening, several of our Grade 7 students and some Grade 8 students were confirmed at St. Gregory church and received the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

We want all of them to know how PROUD we are of them!

We are so thankful to Bishop Miehm, who was able to “come home” to the tri-city region and confirm our students.  We are so thankful for his messages and we are ready to “take on a greater responsibility to spread God’s word” and to “accept the mission that God is calling us to take.”  We know that we can do this because when God gives us a mission, he also gives us the tools to be successful – in this case, he gives us the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Thanks also to Father Malcolm who celebrated with us and for the Parish Team who we are blessed with!  Under your guidance our Storm Students were so well prepared – not all of us were looking at our shoes!  🙂

Thanks to our Grade 7/8 teachers.  Ms. Ingram, Ms. Brunskill, Ms. Thorne and Ms. Lamanna are key players in preparing our students for Confirmation through the many discussions they have at school.  We are so lucky to have such fantastic teachers at St. Augustine School!

Lastly, thank you to all of the parents, godparents and sponsors for being there for our students to help guide them in the past, the present and in the future.  We can all work together to complete God’s mission of “thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”