Cupcakes for Sale

Our Walk for Water Cupcake Sale was a huge success – thanks again to our community members for making this possible.  We still have an overwhelming amount of cupcakes left over which we will continue to sell tomorrow.  Cupcakes will […]

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Valentine’s Day

Just a reminder St. Augustine Storm –

Tomorrow is Cupcake Day!  Please bring a container with you so you can take home your treats to your family.  Also, be sure to wear red, white and pink in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

As well, Lego week continues until Friday.  This is a chance for you to show off your creativity!

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Lego and Board Game Round Up

St. Augustine School Council is seeking Lego and board games for our

Classrooms & Library during those rainy\snowy days!

Do your feet need a break from the ever present Lego on the floor?

Is your “games cupboard” at home bursting?

Do your kids not play with it anymore?


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Team Sports After School

As the new volleyball and basketball seasons begin, many students have expressed interest in supporting their peers during home games. We love the enthusiasm and school spirit this brings to our teams. We do however have to keep student safety in mind at all times. Therefore, we are asking that if your child wants to […]

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St. Augustine CES February 2019 Newsletter

Principals Message

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Brrr – has it been cold outside! Better weather is predicted for the start of February so let’s hope it lasts so the children can get outside for some much needed play time. The drastic change in temperature reminds us that winter in Southwestern Ontario can be quite unpredictable. Consequently, it is important […]

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