Happy snowy Monday St. Augustine Storm!

I hope all our St. Augustine mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day and were spoiled with love this past weekend.

Distance learning continues to be strong in our community and while we understand everyone is working at their own pace, teachers are still taking virtual attendance through student/parent activity on the virtual platform and contact with students or families. Teachers will follow up with a personal phone call or email if we have not heard from you at least once a week to check in, to see if everything is okay and to offer help with any platform learning. Kindly respond to these phone calls or emails as we will continue to call until we are able to reach you.

We are so thankful for YOU!  Thank you to all who have been working so hard on the tasks and assignments that were covered since distance learning began.  Thank you to all have added distance learning to an already busy schedule.  Thank you to all who have been supporting our front line workers, and those who are medically fragile.  Thank you to all those who have been supporting our students!

JK registration reminder – any families that have a child entering Junior Kindergarten in September are asked to complete their registrations so we can finalize our class organizations. Registration is online via the WCDSB website at this link: JK Registration 2020. Any inquiries about registration can be sent by email to Ms. Bonnie.Blackmore@wcdsb.ca.

Our Umbrella Project Theme for this month is Optimism. Positive reframing means trying to reconsider a perspective in a more positive light and often when practiced, will become a habit of the way things are always looked at. Here is a video for you to watch about the theme: The Power of Optimism/The Man On The Street.

We are optimistic that life will return to how we once knew it and that we will be together in school once again!

Have a wonderful week and as usual, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Take care St. Augustine Storm.