Good morning St. Augustine Storm Community.

The entire staff hopes that you all had an excellent Victoria Day weekend!  It may have looked a little different with the various restrictions in place, but the time with family is always something to cherish!

Ms. Maloney’s Grade 2 students were hard at work last week creating some poems.  Normally if we were back in school we would hang their poems to share their great pieces of writing with everyone but since this is not the case we thought we would share them via Newswire.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as the staff did.

Ms. Maloney’s Grade 2 Poetry Book

Speaking of books….

Year Books are back on sale!  You may purchase your copy through Cash Online for $15.00.  Originally they were selling for $17.00, so those who already bought a yearbook have been refunded the $2.00.  Grade 8 students will receive a free yearbook courtesy of the School Council Advisory Committee.   This will be a year to remember since we have been housebound for much of this term.  Pictures from Distance Learning and our Family Fun Contest entries will replace some of the team sport pictures and activities like Missionary Day that did not take place this year. Purchases can be made from now until the end of the school year.  Distribution of the yearbooks will take place in September. 

Have a wonderful week St. Augustine Storm!