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WCDSB Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

“As disciples of Christ, we educate and nurture hope in all learners to realize their full potential to transform God’s world.”

Our Vision:

“Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community — success for each, a place for all.”

WCDSB Code of Conduct:

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of the individual. All individuals concerned with the school system -trustees, staff, students, parents, visitors to schools –are subject to the following code of conduct; a code of conduct that will be implemented within the Catholic faith life experience of each school community and consistent with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, the Safe School’s provisions of the Education Act and Regulations and the constitutional right of Catholic school boards to manage their schools as stated through section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867. APC 018 Code of Conduct

School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

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2014-15 EQAO Results for St. Augustine CES


Our students have improved in 6/6 Primary and Junior Assessments!!

Our results are in from last year’s EQAO results for the Primary and Junior Assessments that were administered in the spring of 2015.  We have much to celebrate and are very excited and proud of our school results on the provincial assessments. Our students have improved in all 6 areas of the assessment this year!

Teachers and students have worked very hard to achieve the provincial expectation of Level 3 or 4.  The strong partnership between staff and families has strengthened our students’ academic achievement.   Although the assessments take place at the end of Grade 3 and 6, we very much believe that it is the contribution of all staff who prepares our students for this assessment.  We have a School Improvement Team for Student Achievement which meet to discuss our results and make plans for further improvements to teaching and learning in order to prepare our students.  Please note provincial results are not available for this year as not all schools in the province participated in EQAO.

Grade 3                School Board Province
Reading 84 (53%)  31% 72 NA
Writing 87 (67%)  20% 76 NA
Mathematics 80 (70%) 10% 67 NA


Grade 6 School Board Province
Reading 79 (71%) 8% 81 NA
Writing 73 (69%) 4 % 79 NA
Mathematics 46 (25%) 21% 55 NA