Dear Families,     
Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) has created a map of our school neighbourhood to help parents and families identify safe areas to park cars and drop off students to ensure they arrive safely at school. This map will help drivers find safe and legal spaces to park just 2-5 minutes away from the school and reduce dangerous congestion. It will also allow students a safer walk to school. Please review this map and share with other family members who may be dropping off or picking up students from St. Augustine.
We have noticed that several parents are entering the school parking lot at the end of the day and this is creating congestion and poses a safety risk for our students and 5 schools busses that utilize the front driveway and side parking lot. Please help school staff ensure student safety by NOT parking in the school lot.
Thank you to the many parents who already park safely and meet their child at a designated spot afterschool. We appreciate your support in working towards keeping all our students safe.