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2016-17 EQAO Results for St. Augustine CES

Congratulations! Again! 

Our students continue to meet the Provincial Standard

In 5/6 Primary and Junior EQAO Assessments!!


Our results are in from last year’s EQAO results for the Primary and Junior Assessments that were administered last spring.  We have much to celebrate and are very excited and proud of our school results on the provincial assessments. Our students have achieved level three or higher in 5/6 areas of the assessment this year!

Teachers and students have worked very hard to achieve the provincial expectation of Level 3 or 4.  The strong partnership between staff and families has strengthened our students’ academic achievement.  Although the assessments take place at the end of Grade 3 and 6, we very much believe that it is the contribution of all staff who prepares our students for this assessment.  We have a School Improvement Team for Student Achievement which meets to discuss our results and make plans for further improvements to teaching and learning in order to prepare our students.


Grade 3                 

St. Augustine CES


WCDSB Province
Reading 63 % (87%)

decrease of  24%

76 % 74%
Writing 80% (90%)

decrease of 10%

75% 73%
Mathematics 76% (84%)

decrease of 8%

67% 62%



Grade 6  

St. Augustine CES


WCDSB Province
Reading 90% (71 %)

increase of 19%

81% 81%
Writing 90 % (76%)

increase of  14%

80% 78%
Mathematics 83% (46%)

increase of 37%

52% 50%




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