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Medication Pick up

Medication Pick up


This is a reminder to any families whose child(ren) have medication stored in the office at St. Augustine CES.

We ask that you please arrange to come by the school this week and pick up any medications we may be storing for your child(ren).  Epipens and puffers will be sent home with students on the last day of school.  We ask that all other medications be picked up from the office.

Please contact the office if you are not able to pick up the medications.  Any medications that are not picked up by the last day of school will be […]

Catholic School Council Minutes – May 2017

St. Augustine Catholic School Council Meeting

May 16, 2017

Present – Tracey Babineau, Lynn Brombal, Lisa Chippindale, Bill Conway, Evelina Turney, Sheri Mate, Brittany Kohler, Liz Monteiro, Terri-Lynn Geisel, Silvia Straus, Maria Serpa

Regrets – Mark Woodfield, Richard Setler, Julie Amador, Jessica Stock

Opening Prayer – Liz Monteiro

Approval of April 2017 Minutes – approved


Principal Items – Terri-Lynn

Thank you to 25th Anniversary Celebration organizers:

Climber Repairs:

  • 2 minor repairs need to be completed – approximately $350 and possibly a minimal costing 3rd item needs to be addressed – this money will be taken out of the School Council […]